My Iraklia: In One Word: It’s my LIFE!

My Iraklia: In One Word: It’s my LIFE!

Chef Giannis Gavalas, who lives in Athens, is from Iraklia. He says: “…place of origin of both my parents, Iraklia is where I first stood on my two feet, taking my first steps at nine months. [It is] the place that filled my senses with the first aromas and flavors that accompany me professionally until today. Iraklia: the place I experienced my first love … For me, Araklia (as we locals call the island) is if I may describe it with one word: My Life!” He shared with us his thoughts of the island, is memories and some lessons of life …

Carefree Vacations
“Easter vacations, summers with relatives, friends and co-patriots, with the people of the island: people that are hospitable, simple and pure. Memories of grandparents, grandmothers, guidance and stories to tell … lessons in conduct …

Memories of Traditional Food
“Stuffed lamb, pies, fava, aranista, xerotigana: lessons of flavor

s and tastes…”

Memories of Holidays, Festivals

”Agios Georgios, Prophet Ilias, The Virgin Mary the Assumption, Agios Ioannis … provided lessons on morals, customs and tradition …”

Memories of Swimming
 at Agios Georgios, Livadi, Vorini Spilia  … and feeling joy …”

Memories of Fishing
“... at 
Tourkopigado, Merichas Bay, Karvounolakos, Alimia … lessons of survival …”

Memories of Playing Outdoor Games
“Chase, hide and seek … a classroom for learning how to be social …”

”All are lessons of life! How could you not love Iraklia! I’m glad I have lived and continue to live these moments and pray wholeheartedly that others will have the good fortune and blessing to experience them as well … because our life is a mosaic of moments, of memories and deeds, let us ensure that they are enjoyable, qualitative and creative.”

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