My Schinoussa: Fresh Oysters!!

My Schinoussa: Fresh Oysters!!

Paolo Grazioso, from Naples, Italy, has been visiting the island since 2006 with his family and friends. His love for the island is what keeps bringing him back every year!

5 things I love about Schinoussa are:

#1 Peace of Heart

“The scenery magically takes away all the pressure … and replaces it with peaceful and beautiful moments.”

# 2 Wonderful Landscape

“Ideal for walking, hiking, swimming, picture taking…”

#3 Oysters!!

“Just a quick dive and we are on the beach eating oysters we have collected … all u need is a lemon…”

#4 Iliovasilema Hotel
“… in a wonderful location, overlooking the port with a wonderful view of the sunset, it is quiet, clean and has the friendliest people! What else can we ask for?”

#5 Friends!!!

“Evdokia, Sofia, Eirini, Vangelitsa, Manolis and Elenie … always a reason for us to come back!”

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