Mycenaean Tomb at Chosti

Mycenaean Tomb at Chosti

The Mycenaean tomb at Chosti on Naxos is an important and rare monument in the Cyclades, being one of only three vaulted tombs that have been discovered in the region -the other two are those at Agia Thekla on Tinos and at Aggelika on Mykonos.

It is also rate in the sense that it is located in a highland area, far away from the major Mycenaean settlement that was situated in Chora Naxos.

It comprises a circular burial chamber, built with boulders in scaled horizontal layers that create a dome. The tomb has a diameter of 3.30m at the base and a height of 2.40m.

As indicated by an opening on its south side, the tomb has been looted in the past and thus valuable items and information about its identity have been lost.

It is, however, supposed that it was built circa 1300 BC and that it is the tomb of a local ruler, whose name, though, cannot be identified by the poor findings that remain.

It is supposed again that his name might bare relation to the name of the site (Axos) where the tomb lies. In turn, the name Axos may derive from Naxos, the name of the first king of the island who came at the head of colonists from Asia Minor.

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Directions for access The monument is situated approximately 200m outside Komiaki, with which it is connected via a footpath.
Accessibility for wheelchairs Not accessible for people with mobility limitations.


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