The 2017 summer event program by NOPPAPPPA of Naxos and Small Cyclades

The 2017 summer event program by NOPPAPPPA of Naxos and Small Cyclades

Musical, cultural and sporting events are included in the 2017 summer events program of The Legal Entity of Athletics, Culture, Environment, Education, Social Welfare and Solidarity for the municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades (NOPPAPPPA).

The events begin on Monday July 3rd and conclude in September. Apart from the cultural and sporting events, the NOPPAPPPA program includes summer music workshops, swimming and sailing lessons for children and the festival “Dimitria”.

The complete program is as follows:

Monday July 3rd | 21:00
Hora – Main Promenade
Music night with the cultural artistic club “On the balcony of the stars”, based in Koufalia, Thessaloniki.

July 5th – September 20th | 21:00
Theatrical Museum “Iakovos Kambanellis »
“Iakovos Kampanellis in relation to cinema”

Presentation of a movie scripted or directed by Iakovos Kambanellis (every Wednesday)

Friday July 7th | 21:00
Saturday July 8th | 21:00

Theatrical Performance “The Wonderful Patcher”, a Lorca comedy enriched with music and dancing by the Theatrical Group of Kythnos.
Directed by Giorgis Venetoulias.
Cast: Christos Pantelis, Elena Georgatzi, Alexandros Moraitis, Froso Tsengelidou, Flora Gardari, Sofia Philippa, Eleftheria Nikitopoulou, Nikos Gonidis, Giorgis Venetoulias. Sound Tech: Aris Kourokeechahias.

Tuesday July 11th | 20:00

Shadow Theater – “Karagiozis Flower Shop”

Wednesday July 12th | 20:00

Shadow Theater – “Karagiozis’ Engagement”.

Wednesday July 12th | 19:30
Municipal Theater “Iakovos Kampanelis”
“Nicodemia 2016” – Musical Event

Musical Event in honor of Saint Nicodemus, dedicated to the Saint of the Orthodox Church, Kosmas Aitolos.
Co-organized with the Association of Friends of Byzantine Music and Tradition Naxos “Agios Nikodimos”.

Thursday July 13th | 21:00
Hora – Main Promenade
“An evening of music and dance”

Traditional dances presented by dance groups of the associations of Naxos and the Hellenic Academy of Rome. Songs by Leta Korre and Polychronis Korres along with their band.

Saturday July 25th | 18:00
Municipal Theater “Iakovos Kampanelis”

Scientific Conference on ” YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP”
Co-organized with the Federation of Naxian Associations.

Sunday July 16th | 21:00
Municipal Theater “Iakovos Kampanelis”
Theatrical performance “The Radikia Anapoda” by Giorgos Galitis.

It is a dark, spooky, sparse, heartrending, hilarious and selfie performance of a cebalo, fagotto, coffin and ossuary. One dead man show, a total black comedian monologue with thirteen roles. Thirteen epic comic obituaries to resurrect the dead!
The roles have been written, cried on, mourned and played by the “glorious” Giorgos Galitis, while the heartbreaking, head scarf wearing and tears in the eyes direction is conducted by the “late” Vladimiros Kyriakides. Attend the play “The Radikia Anapoda” and we hope you cry (from laughter). A show that you will “live” by.
Text, interpretation, stage design: Giorgos Galitis
Directed by: Vladimiros Kyriakides
Music editing – Orchestration: Tolis Ketselidis
Assistant Director: Evangelia Schina

Sunday the 16th & Monday the 17th of July | 21:00
Church of Agia Marina Courtyard
“3rd Koronos Gathering”

Presentation of Traditional Dances in the framework of a two day cultural event in Koronos.
Co-organized with the Student Dance Group.

Thursday July 20th | 21:00
Theatrical Museum “Iakovos Kampanelis”
“A night of lyrical songs” by the Greek-American baritone Evangelos Bravos (Evan Bravos).

Songs and arias by Mozart, Verdi, Straus, Ravel, Tchaikovsky and others. Evangelos Bravos, baritone – Stella Markou, soprano – Panos Galanopoulos, piano. Artistic address: Alexandros Kalogeras.
Organized by the South Aegean Region.

Friday the 21st & Saturday the 22nd of July | 21:00
Municipal Theater “Iakovos Kambanelis”
Speech on “Nikos Kazantzakis and the Young” (21/07)

Nikos Kazantzakis’ great interest in young people will be presented through his work and his letters.
Speaker: Giorgos Stasinakis, Ambassador of Hellenism, Chairman of the Coordinating Committee (DE) of DEFNK.
Speech on “The Juvenile and Adolescent Years of Nikos Kazantzakis” (22/07)
How did his experiences from his childhood in the Turkish-occupied Crete and his teenage years at the Roman Catholic trade school of the Holy Cross in Naxos influenced his thoughts and work. Speaker: Athena Vougiouka, Doctor of Modern Greek Literature at the University of Strasbourg, special Kazantzakis researcher, secretary of CC of DEFNK.
Co-organized with the International Society of Friends for Nikos Kazantzakis (DEFNK).

Saturday July 22nd | 21:00
Cultural Center of the Catholic Metropolis at Naxos Castle
“Music of the Cinema”

Music event from the “Anima” duet. Their repertoire includes a wide range of music ranging from the Baroque style to the contemporary tango and the Greek repertoire. Flute: Anne Pujolas Foskolou, Guitar: Margarita Salamanca.
Co-organized with Karita Naxos-Tinos.

Sunday July 23rd | 21:00
Theatrical Museum “Iakovos Kampanelis”
Tuesday July 25th | 21:00 Moni
“Musical portraits”

Musical images by Béla Brtók, Antonín Dvořák, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Fritz Kreisler. Viola: Kathleen Kalogera, piano: Anna Daniilidis, guitar: Giorgos Karagiannis. The children of Musical Workshops participate. Artistic address: Alexandros Kalogeras.

Monday July 26th | 20:00

“9th Gathering of Musicians Playing Tsambouna, Toubaki and Souvliari”.
Co-organized with the Athletics Educational Association “Zeus”.

Thursday 27 July | 21:00
Chora – Kapela Kazatza
«Claudio Monteverdi: Cosmic Madrigal»

This year marks the 450 years since the birth of Claudio Monteverdi (1567 – 1643) celebrated worldwide with concerts, festivals and other events. Here we have the opportunity to listen to a first run program of cosmic madrigals from his 7th book. Monteverdi for two voices and seasonal instruments at the extraordinary space of Kapela Kazatza. Anastasia Symeonidou, Soprano-Sofia Patsi, Mezo Soprano – Nikoleta Hatzopoulou, Viola da Gamba-Nikos Panagiotidis, Theorbo-Gerasimos Hoidas, Cembalo. Artistic direction: Alexandros Kalogeras.
Co-organized with the South Aegean Region.

Friday the 28th & Saturday the 29th of July 20:30
Municipal Theater “Iakovos Kambanelis”

“Naxos Medical Days 2017”
Co-organized with the Naxos Biomedical Sciences Organization (NOMB).

Saturday July 29th | 22:00
Monastery of Agios Eleftherios-Sagri
Sunday July 30th | 20:30
Municipal Theater “Iakovos Kambanelis”

Children’s Theatrical Performance “We Will Eat Our Mustaches” Greek saying for “We will fight till the end”
This is a funny story with an anti-war character. The two eternal enemies, cats and mice will settle their differences once and for all. The two leaders will confront each other: Zerar, the captain of cats and Mitsos, the leader of the mice. But what happens when people wish for war and the leaders do not want it? The cats and the mice furiously gather all the food available in the area and instead of eating it, they use it as warfare to hit the enemies. And just when all food is finished and starvation appears, they realize the mistake they made. As in real life, the difficulties here bring the heroes closer and make them think that “no matter how different others are, sometimes they are very similar to you.”

Wednesday August 2nd | 21: 00
Thursday August 3rd | 21:00
Municipal Theater “Iakovos Kambanelis”
Theatrical Performance “The Pirates of the Aegean”

A folksy interactive performance, for young and old, about the pirates of the Aegean. Unknown stories – fairy tales from the past, full of emotion, joy, and heroic moments of ordinary people, against the cruel, cunning and unscrupulous pirates, are presented on stage with the participation of the young viewers. Katerina Gavalla, Takis Sakellariou, Yiannis Frangiskos, Dimitra Karakonstanti and Dimitris Papadakis are the Pirates who will bring with their ships to the islands.

Thursday August 3rd | 19:00
Danakos Fountain
“Improvised Poetry Games”

Poetic games with music, dance and abundant treats for all attendees.
Co-organized with Naxos Danakos Association “The Zoodohos Pigi”.

Friday August 4th | 21:00
Chora – Main Promenade
“An evening of music and dance”

Traditional dances presented by dance groups from local associations with the participation of the National Technical University of Athens and the Moschato – Taurus dance groups.
Songs by Koula Melissourgou, Angelos Mastrogiannopoulos, Nikos Karalis and their band.

Sunday August 6th | 20:00
Chora – Main Promenade
“We dance Syrtaki at Paralia of Naxos”

We will create a human chain dancing Syrtaki, with the participation of local dance groups along with the National Technical University of Athens and Moschato dance groups.

Monday August 7th | 21:00
Ancient Temple of Yria
“At Iria under a full moon”

Music concert with Maria Anamateros.
Co-organized with the Ministry of Culture and Athletics.

Monday August 7th | 21:00
Amiti beach – Galini
“August full moon”

An evening of live music and songs.
Friends and participants of the event along with the stars and the full moon will be hosted at Amitis tavern.

Monday, August 7th to Friday August 11th
Painting exhibition of Naxian artists

Opening hours: 19: 00-22: 20
1st Elementary School of Chora
Organized by the Federation of Naxian Associations.

Tuesday August 8th | 21:00
Former School of Ursulins
Musical Performance “With the Steps of the Heart …”

“The performer, Cleoniki Demiris, promises to take us to a dream trip with songs that left their mark in our society. We will travel to Crete by singing “Erotokritos”, then continue on our own Greek footpaths of our Greatest Composers to wander in Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and finally travel to the other side of the Atlantic and meet “La Liorona” in Mexico and Carlos Gardel in Argentina! A program that, along with her own new songs, will deeply touch our souls and enchant us! In this magical journey we want companions! Come along and follow “the steps of our heart”! Piano, Achilles Wastor.

Wednesday August 9th | 21:00
“2nd Aegean Music and Dance Fair”
“Vourla, the Naxos of the East”

A speech event (G. Anomeritis – Ilias Molyndris – G. Mastoropoulos) and the choir of the “Kaissariani Asian Minor Association”.
Co-organized: Naxos Filoti Association – Association of Vourliotes of Asia Minor.

Thursday August 10th | 20.30
Man. Psarras Athletics Stadium of Filoti
“2nd Aegean Music and Dance Fair”

“Vourla, the Naxos of the East” Theatrical event (edited by Katarina Chorianopoulou), the choir of the “Kaissariani Asia Minor Association” and the presentation of traditional dances (by the dancers of the Association of Smyrna – Asia Minor, Eleftherios Neo Kordelio ” Agia Fotini “, the Asia Minor Association of Samos, the Athletics Educational Association “Zeus” and the Naxos Filoti Association).
Co-organized by the Naxos Filoti Association and the Association of Vourliotes of Asia Minor.

Saturday August 12th | 11:30
Sunday August 13th | 11:30
Theatrical Museum “Iakovos Kampanelis”
“The Rainbow That Can Chirp”

An interactive storytelling narrative with the musician and author Eleni Kontopidi.
For children 3-8 years old.
Artistic direction: Alexandros Kalogeras.

Thursday August 17th | 20:30
Chora – Main Promenade
«Free bubbling zone- Walk about»

This is a parade of two wandering creatures that create a festive atmosphere scattering millions of soap bubbles creating a sparkling interaction with the audience.

Friday August 18th | 20:30
Theatrical Museum “Iakovos Kampanelis”

Presentation of the novel “The Artist” by Delis Evangelos, which refers to prehistoric Naxos.

Friday August 18th | 20:30
Saturday August 19th | 20:30
Chora – Main Promenade

La Petite Marguerite …
With elements of theater, dance the art of acrobatics and street theater, La Petite Marguerite creates an interactive performance , a themed show full of “huge soap bubbles” that brings to life folktale, fantasy and dreams. An interactive game that evolves throughout the show between the audience and performer and spreads infinite magic, smiles and of course millions of soap bubbles.

Sunday August 20th | 20:30
Municipal Theater “Iakovos Kampanelis”

“The young soloists”
Participating are students and teachers of the Summer Music Workshops 2017. Artistic Director: Alexandros Kalogeras.

Sunday August 20th | 20:30
Damarionas – Andronikio Cultural Center
“Reason – Member – Movement: Naxian Tradition and Life”

The main objective is to highlight the way in which the music heritage of our island passes from one generation to the next, bringing people together. Old and young generations of artists participate, present and highlight, in their own way, traditional creations. The event is framed with dance, featuring experiential dancers and dance groups from Cultural Associations. Amongst the different components of the event are narrative texts that highlight the timelessness of traditional musical expression.
Co-organized with the Federation of Naxian Associations.

Monday August 21st | 20:30
Tripodes – Main square
“Revival of a traditional wedding”

The Tripodes Educational and Cultural Association will hold an event on the revival of a local Naxian traditional marriage.The adult attendees will have the opportunity to reminisce while the younger crowd will learn the traditional customs of weddings. Reviving traditions such as the “making of the bed”, dressing the bride, shaving the groom and many more will be pieces of a puzzle that will conclude with a traditional feast and dance.
Co-organized with the Educational and Cultural Association of Tripodes Youth

Tuesday August 22nd | 19:00
Municipal Theater “Iakovos Kambanelis”

Presentation of the New Volume of the Naxian Yearbook
Co-organized with the Federation of Naxian Associations.

Sunday August 27th | 10:00

Triathlon Games
Co-organized with the South Aegean Region.

Sunday September 10th | 19:00

Workshop presenting folklore material and a book with traditional fairy tales from Danakos Naxos.
Co-organized with the Cultural Society of Danakos Naxos.


ALEA III – Naxos Summer Meetings 2017
Artistic direction: Alexandros Kalogeras
Composer, Professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston
Organized by:
Orchestra ALEA III of the University of Boston
Cultural Association of Tragaia
The South Aegean Region
The Legal Entity of Athletics, Culture, Environment, Education, Social Welfare and Solidarity for the municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades

‘Audiovisual arts’
An open invitation to creators of audiovisual arts, to audio and electronic music composers and to musical instrument performers from Greece and abroad to meet in Naxos and start collaborations.
Video Art, Animation, Silent Cinema, Installations, Projection Mapping, Time-lapse, Performance Art, etc.
All participants will have the opportunity to include their work at the events listed below for the end of August 2017. The new works will be presented in Naxos in the Summer of 2018 and in Boston during the artistic period 2018-2019.

Events of August 2017
Thursday August 24th at 21:00 – Saturday August 26th at 21:00
Sunday August 27th at 21:00 – Monday August 28th at 21:00
Thursday August 31st at 21:00 – Friday September 1st at 21:00
Further information will be available beginning on August 20th at and the social media of the Municipality of Naxos and other agencies.
Free participation for the public in all activities.
Contact: (697) 29 27 089


Saturday July 29th
19:00: Elementary School of Sagri
Painting for children
10:00: Agios Eleftherios Monastery
Children’s Theatrical Performance “We Will Eat Our Mustaches”

Sunday July 30th
19:00: Elementary School of Sagri
Making of handmade soaps
21:30: Sagri Square
A speech on medical issues by the Cultural Association “I PROODOS” (“PROGRESS”)
22:30: Sagri Square
Presentation of the Sagri dance group under the auspices of the PNOES club.

Monday 31 July
19:00: Elementary School of Sagri
Revival of old traditional games for children. “Stroll to the stars”.
21:00: Elementary School of Sagri
Presentation of the constellations by Orfanos Iacovos

Tuesday August 1st
19:00: Elementary School of Sagri
Decoupage on pebbles
22:00: Sagri Square
Awarding honored members of the local association. Participation of the Melanes dance group

Wednesday August 2nd
19:00: Elementary School of Sagri
Traditional Cooking Competition
21:30: Monastery of Agios Eleftherios
Theatrical presentation of “The Little Prince” by the local book readers club. Maria Manios in charge of the lecture and creation of the show

Exhibition of Agro-tourism Pavilions
July 29th – August 2nd, 19: 00-22: 00
Near the Elementary School of Sagri
Folklore exhibition
July 29th – August 2nd, 19: 00-22: 00
Monastery of Agios Eleftherios
Painting Exhibition
July 29th – August 2nd, 19: 00-22: 00
Monastery of Agios Eleftherios


First session: July 4th trough the 28th
Second session: July 31st through August 25th
«Summer Music School – Summer 2016»

Directed by Alexandros Kalogeras. First acquaintance with instruments and music for young people / Room music for people already playing an instrument.
Lectured by experienced professors from Greece and abroad. Lectures on your choice of instrument. Music listening and introduction to musical theory. Participation in musical ensembles (orchestra / choir). Participation in concerts – Available instruments for practicing.

First part: July 10th through July 12th between the hours of 10: 30-13: 30
Second part: July 13th through July 15th between the hours of 10: 30-13: 30

1. “Painting lessons”
2. “Marble Sculpting Courses”
Aelia gallery atelier, 4th km of the Chora – Galini – Egares road

July 10th – August 4th | Vintsi
“Children’s Swimming Lessons”

“Sailing School”
Sailing instruction for children
Starts on July 28th at Vintsi


“Creative Theatrical Workshop”
The creative writing workshop is organized for the second year in a row. The sequel for those who have already participated and a new beginning for those who want to discover their abilities in writing a play. Participating the actor and playwrighter Chryssa Spiliotis. (Duration 15 hours). Starts on Thursday August 24th through Monday August 28th.

“Senses to movement”
An experimental seminar of physical expression presented for the first time at the Theatrical Museum, Iakovos Kambanelis. Participating the choreographer Anastasia Georgalas. (Duration 6 hours). August.10th, 11th and 12th.

“Getting to know the Theatrical Museum Iakovos Kampanelis”
Stories involving theatrical play and body expression. Creative activity for children from 5 to 12 years of age. A journey for children in time, exploring the roots of magical fairy tales, through experiential activities, accompanied by music and enhancing their imagination. Participating the adult theatrical workshop and physical theater teacher Sofia Polkreti. (Every Tuesday staring on July 11th from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm. At the conclusion of the workshop the participating children will showcase their creations at an exhibition organized by them).

“Theatrical workshop for teenagers and adults on the work of Iakovos Kambanelis”
Iakovos Kambanelis and the ancient drama – Scenic approaches.
The ancient myths in modern theater and literature, on a trilogy work by Iakovos Kambanelis. Participating the director Katerina Polychronopoulou.
(Every Tuesday starting on July 11th through September 12th at 20.00-22.00. At the end of the workshop the works will be presented in the form of theatrical proportions).


March 20th – 31st
Summer School of Intensive Education under the Erasmus program entitled “Land Degradation and Rehabilitation in Mediterranean Environment, LANDCARE”.
In collaboration with the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

July 3rd – 11th
School of Ursulins

3rd Summer School on “TPE and Creativity in the Modern School”.
In collaboration with the Department of Pedagogy, Department of Advanced Learning Technologies in Lifelong Learning and Distance Education [EDI.BEAA] from the University of Crete, and the Innovation Network for Creativity and TPE in Education.

July 17th – July 30th
School of Ursulins

Summer School of Naxos 2017 on “Cultural Management, Education and Local Development”
In cooperation with the Department of Geography of the Aegean University, in the framework of the Foundation’s summer schools.

August 28th – September 10th
Summer Intensive Education School under the Erasmus program, Mc Agenda: Quaternary GeoEnvironment – ArchaeoGeomorphology, Analysis and Management of Anthropogenic Natural Hazards and Disasters
In collaboration with the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

July 19th – 27th
School of Ursulins

“Summer School and Thematic Laboratory of Historical Linguistics”
In collaboration with the Department of English Language and Literature of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

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