The Tomato of Schinoussa

The Tomato of Schinoussa

Interestingly, just an hour away from Naxos, on the neighboring isle of Schinoussa, the tomato has a totally different cultivation, shape and “nickname.”

A small island, and almost entirely flat and dry, Schinoussa’s tomato grows with little water. This type of cultivation – based on methods of farming before irrigation systems were available – is known as anyndra.

On Schinoussa the tomato — smaller than the average and larger than the cherry variety (found on Santorini, for example) — almost pumpkin in shape is known as koumentéria.

“The tomato like the dry-cultivated watermelons and cucumbers on the island, are small, yet smell and taste delicious! says Elenie Markoulie, a native of Schinoussa, “it really makes you understand the power of nature.”

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