Agios Georgios (Komiaki)

Agios Georgios (Komiaki)

Agios Georgios on Naxos is a cross-shaped, domed Byzantine cemeterial church of which the exact date of construction is unclear.

The octagonal drum of its dome is unique amongst all the other Byzantine monuments of Naxos.

In the interior of the church there are 14thcentury frescoes, covering older coatings of the walls. Due to sedimentation, the church has undergone reparative and supportive works in the past.


Koronida (Komiaki)  22850 63248, 6974 474453


Directions for access Agios Georgios is located in the outskirts of Komiaki, near the main road network.
Parking Parking space available.
Accessibility for wheelchairs Not accessible to people with mobility limitations.

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