Bardani (Sforza-Castri) Tower

Bardani (Sforza-Castri) Tower

Bardani Tower on Naxos was once owned by the Sforza-Castri family –one of the most powerful on the island- for whom the Apiranthos area was an important domain.

The Bardani tower is believed to have been built prior to 1726, as indicated by a surviving contract concerning the property’s ownership that is dated February 27 of that year.

The contract describes a transfer of ownership of various properties, including this tower, from “Chrousakis Castri and his spouse Marietta” to their son, Iakovos Castri.

The Bardani tower remained a part of the family’s estate for generations until the 19th century.


  Apiranthos   Free


Directions for access Apiranthos village is connected to Naxos’s main town Chora by road.  
Public transport info Public transport service runs more frequently during the summer months.  
Parking Parking space is available by the village entrance. 
Accessibility for wheelchairs Inaccessible for wheelchairs 

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