Barozzi-Gratsia Tower

Barozzi-Gratsia Tower

Behind the Church of Panagia Protothroni in Chalki on Naxos, the bastions of the 17th century Barozzi-Gratsia Tower make an impressive sight.

The monument comes in three levels, with strong walls, iron-barred windows, heavy wooden gates, wooden drawbridge, murder hole to thwart attackers with scalding water and coats of arms that indicate its successive owners and repairs.

The tower belonged to the Barozzi family in 1690.

It was subsequently acquired by Domna Mariora Mavrogeni who, in turn, sold it to Aga (“Lord”) Georgakis Fragopoulos together with the olive mill and the surrounding area. Fragopoulos eventually sold it to G. Gratsia.

The monument is associated with many legends and folktales about beautiful girls of the nobility, great love stories and thrilling adventures.

An attempt at restoration a few years ago did not materialize.

Directions for access The tower is located next to the Church of Panagia Protothroni.

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