Damalas Village

Damalas Village

The small village of Damalas, spread in amphitheatric fashion at the foot of Lagos hill in the valley of Tragea, is visible from many other locations on the island and offers fantastic views.

Presently inhabitants are few but with a keen of hospitality and preserving their culture and traditions.

They have restored their old olive mill and hold an annual event showcasing the traditional method of olive oil extraction.

The village of Damalas, in common with the entire Tragea valley, also has a strong tradition in pottery due to the clayey soil in the area. The pottery workshop of Manolis Lybertas continues a centuries-old tradition.

The parish church of Agia Irini, built around 1800, features an elaborate marble iconostatis and a singular marble font.

Directions for access  The main road to Tragea connects Damalas with Chora.
Parking  There is a parking area.
Public transport info  There is a public bus service.

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