My Schinoussa: Feeling Like Guilliver

My Schinoussa: Feeling Like Guilliver

Elmar Zick, lives in Germany and has been visiting Schinoussa every summer since 1999, spending three to five months on the island. He shared some of his favorite things about the island:

#1 It’s funny when the word ‘NO’ is a plus!

“Schinoussa is NOT a typical Cycladic island. It has NO picturesque images, NO dramatic effects of landscape. There is NOT much nightlife, and that’s why there are NO herds of tourists! Many people say it’s NOT a beauty, at least not at first glance. The hills and slopes are soft, making it easy for you to become familiar with the natural landscape. You can swim anywhere. The water is so clean and pretty, everything is so accessible and we are easily accepted within the local community after some time. What more could one want?”

#2 Mild Adventure

“The beauty of the island is not revealed to you straight away. It’s a puzzle, a mystery one has to discover. All you need is patience, time and a good pair of hiking boots to discover it! Despite its size,  there are always new things for people to discover!”

#3 The View
“The tops of the higher hills offer beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding islands. With just a single look you can enjoy a wonderful picture of Naxos, Irakila, Ios, Santorini, Serifos, Koufonisia, Keros, Amorgos. … just lying there in the big blue..!”

#4 The Sense of Feeling Like Guilliver

“Everything is tiny: the beaches are small, the houses are small, the grocery markets and the cafes … the hills and slopes are short, even the people seem shorter than average. You may feel like Guilliver observing the tiny Toyland of islands but it’s so easy to fit in at the same time. You learn how to be nice and gentle. Amazing, isn’t it?”

#5 A Place to Find Peace of Mind

“The harmonic and charming scenery is pleasant to the eyes of overstressed city people. It has a calming effect on visitors. Just a glance at an old olive tree, a deserted windmill, a seashell on the beach is enough to empty our brains from personal or professional obligations, reload our batteries and rediscover ourselves!”

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