My Schinoussa: Living In Harmony with Nature

My Schinoussa: Living In Harmony with Nature

Manolis Simos, 24, lives on Schinoussa. He works as a farmer and in the summer works various seasonal jobs. He shares with us his most favorite things about living on the island.

The 5 top things I love most about Schinoussa are:

#1 The Lifestyle
“I like to live in harmony with nature. The rhythms here are more humane. I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re slow. It seems slow to people from the city, perhaps because they’ve adapted to a rapid way of life that has been imposed upon them and so, when visitors observe us, they think we are moving at a slow pace, when in fact we are following a pace that is.. normal!”

#2 From Winter to Summer

“The quiet of winter is embraced by the joyful revelry of the summer season, the beach, the new faces.”

#3 A Small but Powerful Place

“You do not feel alienated or alone here, everything is closeby. Something small becomes the center of attention and gets everyone involved.”

#4 The Clear Atmosphere, Environment, Food

“It is so beautiful to know that the air we breathe is fresh. It is important – and makes you feel safe — to know exactly what is on your plate, with no preservatives, additives, that it was cultivated naturally. For us it is a given, although these days, I’ve realized it is almost a luxury!”


5 The Sea

“Although the sea is everywhere and sometimes limiting, for me it represents the ultimate freedom! Staring at the horizon and seeing the hues of color in all directions elicits an amazing feeling of freedom!”

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