My Schinoussa: Raketes, Beach Volley and Exploring the Island on a Motorbike…

My Schinoussa: Raketes, Beach Volley and Exploring the Island on a Motorbike…

A young couple from Germany, Erik and Anja have have been visiting Schinoussa since 2010.  They first found out about Schinoussa while sitting on a tropical beach in … Thailand. Apparently, something about the information they received from the Greek girls on that beach led to their first visit to Schinoussa a few months later. They keep coming back every summer…

5 things we love about Schinoussa are:

#1 The Very Special Island Community

“The very diverse people with social and intellectual backgrounds. As a repeat visitor you easily get to know the community and, for some moments, be part of it. The community is, on the one hand, a mixture of down to earth, hard working people, hospitable – proud of their heritage but also interested and open to ‘outsiders.’ On the other hand, you meet individuals, often intellectuals, from outside – mostly from the mainland but also from foreign countries.”

#2 The Food

“Enjoying fresh octopus, local cheese, fava and other homegrown vegetables at Lioliou beach restaurant (“Stis Akathis”), sitting on the fancy garden terrace with the beach view.”

#3 All Kinds of Activities

“Hanging out at “Xara” cafe-bar with the locals and (mostly regular) visitors during the evening and people watching on the beach in the mornings, which can easily take a more active part once the ‘kids’ invite you to a game of beach volley! Another reason to come back to Schinoussa every time is to improve my “raketa” skills at Tsigouri beach, playing with the local pros. My goal is to win against the “tiger” (Yiannis) one day…exploring the island on a motorbike is also a challenge!”

#4 “Sun Downing”

“At Manos’ little bar, Ailouros, on the hill and south tip of the village… definitely the best venue for sunset watching and zipping well prepared and full-bodied cocktails or an ice cold Mythos beer!”

#5 A Chance to Visit Keros Island
“Taking our favorite boat trip to Keros with the Aeolia boat of Captain Manolis [and visiting] fantastic deserted beaches with pale turquoise waters. It is always very relaxed with an almost family-like atmosphere accompanied by a fabulous choice of music and great local delicacies!!”

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