Sarantara Emery Mine

Sarantara Emery Mine

The Sarantara mine on Naxos, named after 40 workers who were also its shareholders (Saranta is number 40 in Greek), is being converted into an Emery Museum, as part of a project to develop disused mines for tourism purposes.

On show today are a truck scale in operation, a rather rickety building with a hand-operated windlass inside, a pneumatic drill and a cogwheel that had been bought by at great sacrifice by the cooperative and a traditional cheese dairy built in 1940.

  Koronos   6944 607672


Info  The museum is still unfinished but one can arrange a visit to the venue and the mine gallery by calling 6944607672 in advance.
Directions for access Sarantara is about halfway on the road between Koronos and Lionas.
Parking There is ample parking space.

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