Atsipapi Village

Atsipapi Village

The village of Atsipapi is a medieval settlement in northeastern Naxos, in the midst of a beautifully lush area with many footpaths that make it ideal for hiking.

The settlement itself is considered to date to the 15th century although the materials in some of the ruined houses suggest it may be much older (8th-9th centuries).

Today, most houses lie in ruins while the few that remain in a good condition are used as farmsteads and cheese dairies.

The particular style of architecture features different types of dry stone walls, arches, traditional built ovens, threshing and grape pressing floors.

The most important sight of the village is the Church of Agios Issidoros –built before the 11th century, while about 1.5km after Atsipapi, at the Loiri position, is the 9th century Byzantine chapel of Panagia Kera, with a very interesting architectural style and traces of frescoes inside.

Directions for access Asphalt road access via Panagia Argokiliotissa, which is 600m away. Can also be accessed via footpaths starting at Koronos and Argokili.

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