Kourounochori Village

Kourounochori Village

The village of Kourounochori is one of  four beautiful villages in the Melanes valley. Built on the lush slope of a hill, it is well-protected from northerly winds and noted for its mild climate throughout the year.

Flowers fill courtyards and gardens and adorn the windows of the pretty one- or two-storey houses –this is why Kourounochori

It is also frequently referred to as “flower village”. The mansions dotting the village of Kourounochori and the engraved inscription commemorating the visit of King Othon in 1833 provide reminders that it has long been a popular destination for noted personalities and still impart an air of nobility.

The Frangopoulos Tower, one of the oldest on the island, and the museum housed in the old primary school host the very interesting  finds from the ancient Naxos aqueduct.

Kourounochori today numbers some 100 inhabitants, noted for their hospitality.

The two restaurant/cafes offer tasty dishes prepared with local products.

The Church of the Savior, in the center of the village, celebrates annually on August 6. After mass, the priest blesses grapes in prayer for a good crop and then shares them out to the flock. A big feast follows, with live music, dancing, local delicacies and wine.

Directions for access  Kourounochori is on the road from Chora to Kynidaros.
Parking  A parking lot is available.
Public transport info  There are public bus connections from Chora from the morning till the early afternoon hours.

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