Naxos: Always In … Season

Naxos: Always In … Season

As the Cyclades’ largest island, and one of its most highly populated, it could be said that Naxos has something for everyone.  It is different from any other island of the Cyclades in that there is always a bit of a buzz off-season and on.  Explore this little city in the Cyclades, autumn, winter, spring and, of course, summer!

Naxos is an island that offers an island escape any time of year.

On Naxos you have the advantage of a remote and holistic experience with the security of a large island equipped with goods and services.

Take to the mountains, the green valleys, remote villages or seacoasts and in close proximity is Naxos’s populated downtown.

Daily flights from Athens and boat schedules from Piraeus and Santorini in the off-season and other islands of the Cyclades (Mykonos, Paros and others) make Naxos an ideal “big-island meets little-city” break destination.

Adventure, cultural, culinary and well-being holidays are on the rise. And Naxos provides the chance to experience these and more.

A mostly mountainous island, with alternating landscape of torrents, gorges, caves, basins, plateaus and valleys, encircled by 91 km of pristine coastline, Naxos is great place to experience the outdoors, from hiking, mountain biking and water sports, to culinary expeditions such as partaking in the wine or olive oil harvest.

The island’s many archaeological sites, museums, medieval castle, Old Town, busy port and dining venues are also open and ready to be discovered … off-season and on!

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