On Naxos: Preserving the Everlasting Art of Ceramics and Pottery

On Naxos: Preserving the Everlasting Art of Ceramics and Pottery

Walk into the Greek section of any museum around the world, and chances are you will see ancient artifacts of pottery and other ceramic works from past civilizations.

Walk into the workshop of Manolis Lybertas in the village of Damalas, Naxos and be just as impressed, if not more.

The 4th generation of a family of ceramic artisans, Lybertas is doing his best to preserve the everlasting art and tradition of Naxos pottery.  In doing so, he invites visitors into his workshop and the chance to see him at work. With shelves lined with scores and scores of ceramics, it will be hard to choose what to see first, let alone buy.

The selection includes replicas of Cycladic pottery such as the elaborate kernos (a vase for multiple offerings), table and floor based pots and vases. Museum piece replicas are here too as are the sfouni, a jug for pouring wine and the tyromethira, a holed jar for drying cheese.

Take the opportunity to watch him work and ask questions about this ancient old skill and craft.

Interesting side note about pottery and ceramics on Naxos: The myriad of relics discovered in tombs at Grotta (just above the port and main town Chora) as well as other areas throughout the island, documents the island’s significant use of ceramics and pottery during that era.

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