Pittaridia (Handmade Pasta)

Pittaridia (Handmade Pasta)


  • 1 kg wheat flour
  • water as much as it takes to get a smooth dough
  • milk
  • salt to taste



Put the flour in a basin and add the water while mixing till you get a smooth but firm dough. Leave the dough covered for about half an hour then spread open into thin pastry with a rolling pin and cut into thin strips like tagliatelle. Leave the pittaridia on a bed-sheet or other cloth all night till they dry (sprinkle some flour on to them so they don’t stick to each other). Then they’re ready to be cooked or stored. Most locals prefer to boil pittaridia with goat’s milk and a little salt (soupy). Others cook them in fresh tomato sauce and sprinkle with local hard goat’s cheese

Source Petroula Vlavianou


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