The Jesuit Summer Resort at Kalamitsia

The Jesuit Summer Resort at Kalamitsia

An impressive complex that was built as the summer resort of Jesuit monks in the 17th century is seen at Kalamitsia on Naxos, between the settlements of Melanes and Potamia.

Construction of the complex was funded by the family of the head of the Jesuit order himself, Robert Saulger.

Being a distinct mixture of western and local architecture, it includes many rooms, a chapel, auxiliary buildings such as dovecote, stable and olive mill, and a huge garden featuring terraces, bearing walls, cisterns and flights of stairs.

Due to the luxury that characterized it, it was dubbed as “the Jesuit palace” and became the object of both admiration and criticism in its heyday, encountered in many reports of travelers and Papal emissaries.


  Daily From dawn till dusk


Directions for access Take the right turn at the entrance to the village of Melanes. Kalamitsia is 2km down a relatively easy dirt road.  
Parking There is a small parking area. 
Accessibility for wheelchairs Inaccessible for wheelchairs

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