Agios Thalleleos Village

Agios Thalleleos Village

The village of Agios Thalleleos is one of the four settlements comprising the community of Melanes, in western Naxos.

Its small houses, built in compact fashion next to each other, are spread out at the foot of a low hill overlooking a beautiful valley with groves and vegetable gardens.

Agios Thalleleos, a 3rd century Christian martyr, is the village’s patron saint and the church –part of an old monastery- celebrates on May 20, when a big feast is held.

The most important sight in the settlement is the section of the ancient Naxos aqueduct that was discovered at the eastern end of the village. It dates to the late Roman phase of the project and has been restored.

Directions for access  Agios Thalleleos is 5km from Chora, on the road to Kynidaros.
Parking  There are two parking areas.
Public transport info  A public bus service is operated from morning till early afternoon hours.

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