Kaloxylos Village

Kaloxylos Village

Kaloxylos is one of Tragea valley’s most picturesque villages on Naxos, next to Chalki.

Situated in an area lush with olive, plane and oak trees, it is well-known for its pretty houses and especially for the rare flowers in their courtyards.

The entrance to the village is dominated by the big church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity), with the carved marble iconostasis and the Byzantine icons.

Nearby is a disused olive mill that has been renovated and can be visited. The verdant hills around the village, dotted with chapels –notably Panagia Damniotissa and Agios Ioannis Theologos- are ideal for walks and trekking.

Directions for access  The village is on the main road from Chora, via Galanados and Sagri.
Parking  Parking space available.
Public transport info  It is served by public transport.

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