No Place Like Naxos: From Nice, France to Naxos

No Place Like Naxos: From Nice, France to Naxos

Marine, hotel receptionist and host, doesn’t recall much from her first visit to Naxos. She was just a baby. In 2006, Marine made Naxos her permanent home …

As a child, Marine traveled from Nice to Naxos every summer. Escorted by flight attendants, Marine would arrive alone, first to Ellinikon Airport in Athens. There, her grandmother Maria (herself having traveled from Naxos) would be waiting to take her to Naxos.

In 2006, Marine made Naxos her permanent home, reversing her ‘til now traveling pattern to spending two months in Nice in the winter to see friends and relatives.

She shared with us 5 of her favorite things about Naxos:

#1 Photographing the Sunset at Portara
“I have been taking pictures of the sunset of Portara from the vantage point of Grotta Hill since 2006. The number of photos I have taken are too many to count. One summer I took about 10 photos a day, every day. Each time I look at the sunset it’s as if I am seeing it for the first time.”

#2 The Beaches
“My favorite is Mikri Vigla. More specifically, on the other side of the windsurfing side, near the rocks and the little church. There is a taverna there, too. The waters are crystal clear and calm.”

#3 The Food
“I love the food, very, very much, extremely, I would say. The meats, the salads, the pizza.  There is this one salad [at Mezé, at the port] with chicken that I just love. And of course, my favorite: the classic chicken souvlaki. Yes, I do prefer, dishes with a little chicken.”

#4 The Hiking Trails
“The trails always leave me in awe and show me something new each time. My two favorite trails, so far, are Za, for sure (and I have done that hike there several times). Last year, for the first time, I hiked to Eggares. Suddenly I was immersed in green, as if the sky had disappeared for a moment. And then the river, the turtles, the ducks and sand! Again, I was in awe.”

#5 The People
“Ever since I was a little girl, I have always felt safe and secure in Naxos. I always knew that if I ever needed something, the people, even those I didn’t know, would come to my aid. I always feel safe.”

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