Route 6: Bike to the Beaches!

Route 6: Bike to the Beaches!

Route: Chora – Agios Georgios – Laguna – Stellida – Agios Prokopios- Agia Anna – Plaka – Orkos – Mikri Vigla – Kastraki – Cape Kouroupa – Alyko – Pyrgaki – Psili Ammos – Glyfada – Kastraki – Mikri Vigla – Orkos – Airport – Chora.

Starting  from the port of Chora and heading south,  take the coastal road, pass in front of the  Town Hall and alongside Agios Georgios  beach, a sheltered little bay with calm  waters, and continue until you reach  Flisvos, a meeting point for surfers from  all over the world, as Laguna of Naxos is  the ideal spot for this watersport.

Continue on the asphalt road towards Agios Prokopios and turn right at the  airport intersection alongside the barrier  that separates Laguna from the brackish  lagoon.

At this spot the view of the town on the right is exceptional. Continue on this road and at the next  junction go straight uphill towards the  hill of Stellida, from where you will have  another wonderful view of the bay of  Chora.

Stay on the asphalt road going southwest, up to the western end of the coast and  the church of Agios Prokopios.  From here the dirt road between the  saltpans and the sand dunes will lead you  to the village of Agios Prokopios, a place  with hotels and tavernas.

Continue on the coastal road towards the  bay of Agia Anna, with its picturesque  little harbor and fishing boats.

Continue south until you reach the  endless beach of Plaka with its unique  sand dunes along its full length.

At the  end of the dirt road and moving away  from the coast the route goes through an  area of cultivated fields, heading towards Orkos and Mikri Vigla.

The beautiful landscape here comprises granite rocks  and small romantic bays.

Mikri Vigla, another vast beach with  tavernas on the sand, is a well-known  meeting point for kite surfing lovers who  can be watched in action.

Before you continue straight towards Kastraki, take  a break from riding to ascend on foot the  rocky hill with the exceptional view of the beach and the island of Paros in the  distance.  Stay on the asphalt road with spare  traffic and continue to Glyfada after Kastraki.

Have a rest here at the taverns  of the area, from where you can venture  out for a walk in the nearby beautiful  and serene – but endangered- juniper  forest – a protected area.

Back on your bike, continue on the asphalt road in a  southerly direction until you reach the ruins of an enormous abandoned hotel at Cape Kouroupa, viewing the bay of Alyko.

From this point start your return journey,  heading north to the crossroads for  Kastraki and Mikri Vigla.

Following the same route as in the  outbound journey, pass by Orkos and  the cultivated fields until you reach the  intersection for Plaka.

Turn left, take the new asphalt road and, heading north slightly uphill amid granite  blocks, you meet the Agia Anna – Agios  Arsenios road at a relatively elevated spot.

Keep straight, going slightly downhill to  the north and head back to Chora after  passing in front of the airport.

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